Frequently Asked Questions

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CreateFUT is a website that allows players and non-players to buy FUT cards of their favourite players or even of themselves as well as now offering a wider variety of print options. Only with your photo and your input can we create the product that you have always wanted to hang on your wall. At CreateFUT we sell a wide variety of personalisable, but not limited to football and football themed printed cards.

We are able to ship worldwide from the UK but delivery may be slower for certain countries across the globe dependent on the accessibility and distance of the country. 

All of our products are printed and cut professionally onto long lasting and highly durable 3mm Foamex. Each foamex card will be cut by machine and not by hand ensuring pinpoint accuracy on the design of your product, perfectly made to be hung up in your gaming room!

Firstly, dependent on the traffic on the site at the time designs can take up to 48 hours to be made up by our designer, after this you will be sent an email confirming these final designs to be sent to print, following this within the next 3-5 days your product will be sent out for delivery, arriving to you sometime the following week.

Design and printing can take up to 14 days providing we have all the images and stats from you to make the card, delivery worldwide is dependant on the option you choose and where your location is.

All our Cards are printed on high quality Foamex cards. They are hard and durable cards that can be cleaned without any problem.

We will use any image you send to us, if the image is of low quality we will check quickly with you to ensure this is what you want and it will be printed on the product of your choosing. We recommend that you send images which are easier to cut  as well as with the highest resolution so that we can get the best possible image for your card.

Our site has a very good reputation among clients. We have many collaborations with Youtubers, as well as working with actual football clubs, creating cards for teams such as Borussia Dortmund. In ordering with us we can guarantee that the product will reach you in 100% condition or your money back. Simply let us know at if your order is taking too long and we will check it out for you.

You can select a discount code at checkout simply by clicking on “Enter Coupon”.

All orders are sent to be made the day after you order at 11 AM British time. If you let us know of your intention to refund your order by that time then we would be able to complete your refund without any being designed. Any time after this we would be unable to make the refund as your order will have already been sent to print. Before your card is sent to be printed we will send you a final preview of the card to get a definitive decision on the final design.

First, Select which type of card you are looking for or if you are looking to make your own select Create A Card. Then, a card previewer will be shown to you, changing dependent on the stats and attributes you choose for your player as well as your Card type, Nationality, Team and the name you would like on the card.

You can crop the image to get a better idea of what the final design will look like but you do not have to as our highly experienced designers are able to professionally cut and crop your card, seamlessly rendering onto the finished card.

We will send over a final design of your card to your email for final confirmation of your satisfaction with the product before posting out to you as soon as possible.